Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Closing Thoughts (already!) of EDCI 505

The first half of the semester is winding down! It has flown by for me, especially because our course is only a few weeks long. However short the class was, I feel I have gained an extensive amount of new information about tools I will use in the future. Throughout the course I was surprised by all the resources available to educators to help make lessons engaging. I am not the most tech savvy person, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I was able to navigate the different tools.

I decided to use one theme over the past few weeks, the Cold War. For each assignment I was able to present the same information about the Cold War in a different way. I found this to be extremely useful, I was able to compare the different ways I could present this lesson and important piece of history. Additionally, I was able to envision which tool I would find more beneficial for the students to learn this topic. I think the interactive PowerPoint combined with a follow along worksheet would be a good way to present the Cold War. I worked hard on my PowerPoint, and believe it is an already prepared tool I could use in the future.

The tools we learned about this semester also have proven to be great means of communication with parents. I can see how a weekly newsletter or updating a blog that parents and students can access anytime would be extremely beneficial. Parents can help keep their students on tack and be aware of their progress and the progression of the class, while students also can find resources to help them with assignments or easily note updates.

Again, all of the projects we have done I believe I will find use for in my own classroom in the future. I also now have access to resources and information on how to create and teach to a very visual and “tech savvy” generation. It also has helped me to appreciate all the work my teachers have done to help enhance my experience in their classroom. 

Overall, I think I have gained a lot from this course and am looking forward to learning more and using these tools and resources! :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I decided to name my blog, “I don’t know, can you?” because I heard this irritating phrase several times from teachers when I would ask if I could do something. They were trying to get me to ask “may I” instead of “can I”. For me, a lot of my blogging will be about this journey to becoming a teacher, something I know I can do. And honestly, after ten minutes I couldn’t come up with anything else. So welcome to “I don’t know, can you?” :-) 

So far I have been enjoying diving into this class. When I first read the syllabus I became extremely excited to take a course that would help me to become a better teacher. Not that I was never excited about my history classes I took as an undergrad, but this is the first course I have taken that will focus on education and the tools I will need in order to be an effective teacher. I love that!!

Not only did I become excited and began to enjoy the materials instantly; I also even posted a video from class to my personal facebook. The “you can’t be my teacher” video was really well done. I believe in its message, we live in a world the relies heavily on the internet and technology. Even from when I was in grade school that wasn’t that long ago, its changed completely. As teachers I think we have to adapt to the students and their needs in order to help them become successful. I have already started to think about how I envision myself teaching and how that will change before I have my own classroom. And especially how I picture my classroom, it certainly wont be how my classrooms were! Rest in peace to the giant chalkboards and that overhead projector I was really looking forward to using!